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, a leading supplier offering a wide range of innovative Architectural and Interior products. It has have indeed come a long way since it started business in 1985.

Representing some of the leading Indian & Multinational companies in building industry Pindimana Associates has vast experience in supply and execution of top quality products of Style, Value and Reliability.


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No sector of interior design is as fast moving as retail. In a world where image is everything, consumers have become even more discerning of the environment they choose to shop in. And with shopping now being one of the most popular leisure pursuits, retailers are even more aware of creating an environment that will attract customers, encourage them to make purchases and grow brand loyalty by making customers want to return. The retail environment provides opportunities to be creative with flooring design combining textile and resilient products for different zones of the store. This is where Armstrong is able to offer unparalleled choice to suit all interior designs, brand profiles and performance criteria.
The most successful retail brands in the world are those that have carefully built an image for themselves, which is reflected in the design of their retail outlets. The style of interior design chosen will more often than not reflect the tastes of the target market and the type of product sold. For instance, a youth fashion outlet is typically full of cutting edge design, funky lighting, bold colours and unusual textures. Whereas an upmarket or family orientated retail store is more interested in conveying an image of quality, integrity and stability and will opt for traditional colours, materials and patterns. Let Armstrong buy into your brand concept and visualise a retail concept that will reinforce brand values and image whilst being durable enough to withstand customers coming back time and time again.