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Health Care

Choosing floorcoverings to meet the diverse requirements of the healthcare sector can prove challenging. Floorcoverings are crucial in helping to combine the requirements of the clinical environment with the relaxing surroundings naturally desired by patients to put them at ease. The unparalleled number and broad range of floorcoverings available from Armstrong help in gaining a total solution for all areas of the healthcare environment from one source.
The floorcoverings in any healthcare application, whether be it an operating theatre, waiting room, bathroom, laboratory, consulting room or ward, it must fulfil the required performance demands. These may include resistance to chemical spillages, the effects of castors or the ability to safely discharge static electricity without damaging equipment, whilst also being hygienic, easy to clean and robust enough to cope with stringent cleaning and maintenance regimes demanded by high traffic environments.
Once the practical side has been met, we can look at the more altruistic elements of the design. Our design service can help to create an atmosphere that provides a welcoming, reassuring environment that conveys a sense of safety and well-being. Colour, pattern and texture all play a role here and our team can advise on all manner of cut-in designs, whether the desire is for pictorial images, logos, zoning or directional indicators using linoleum, vinyl or fibre bonded.
For larger healthcare establishments with retail facilities such as cafes, news agents and florists, our range of resilient and textile floorcoverings in bright colours and patterns can be used to create pockets of interest. Designer products commonly used in retail applications that mimic the visuals of wood, metal and stone are equally suitable for healthcare and can be used to create such prestige areas.